I am a young, vibrant master cosmetologist specializing in healthy, natural hair. I am most known for my silk presses, feed-in braids and amazing moisture treatments. My love for hair started at a young age because my mother is a master cosmetologist, so I spent a lot of time in the salon. I unknowingly started my career in 2013 when I started assisting for my mentor Naomi Wright. She showed me how to care for our curls and finesse the hair without taking away the beautiful texture.

As I got more into assisting it changed my perspective on hair. I no longer just loved the experience and results of getting my own hair done, but I loved giving that feeling to other women as well. I decided to further my education at Paul Mitchell the school Atlanta and I graduated in 2016. Since then I have taken pride in ensuring my clients enjoy their experience from beginning to end and nothing less. I make sure to keep a clean and relaxing work space to reassure the comfort of my clients. Being as though I am from Atlanta I not only keep my space clean at all times, I also show southern hospitality to each and every client. I am friendly, patient, and personable with everyone that sits my chair. I am sure to give them my undivided attention during their service so they know I truly care about them, and their hair.

I do my best to educate everyone individually by letting them know my professional opinion about what steps to take to get the best results for their hair. I treat all of my client’s hair as if it were my own, if not better than I treat my own. I am truly passionate about bettering the lives of men and women through their hair. For a lot of women their hair is their crown, so why not take care of the only crown you have? I am ultimately a healthy hair stylist for the sake of keeping women’s confidence at an all time high because nothing is sexier than a confident woman.


Healthy hair stylist specializing in natural hair and feed in braids.

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